Season 4, Episode 22: Day Care

Season finale

Aired: Sunday, May 18, 2003

Rating: 6.0/9


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Written by Gary Murphy & Neil Thompson
Directed by Steve Love

Guest starring
Kenneth Mars as Otto
Nancy Lenehan as Helen
David Anthony Higgins as Craig Feldspar
Jim Jansen as Pastor Roy
Jackie Harris as Donna
Dylan Campannelli as Seth
Howard Mann as elderly man
Jennie Ventriss as elderly woman
William Christian as Don
Brianna Sperry as girl #1
Chane't Johnson as customer
Sally Ann Brookes as Seth's Mom
Jim Hanna as Seth's dad
Jeff Bowser as alien guy
Stewart Skelton as agent
Jessie Rotter as teen #1
Kristin Bushnell as teen #2
Laurie Schillinger as teen #3
Jasmine Alvarado as teen #4
Cord Jackman as teen #5
D.J. Harper as teen #6

This episode was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award.