4th Season

#1 Zoo
#2 Humilithon
#3 Family Reunion
#4 Stupid Girl
#5 Forwards Backwards
#6 Forbidden Girlfriend
#7 Malcolm Holds His Tongue
#8 Boys at Ranch
#9 Grandma Sues/Lois is Pregnant
#10 If Boys Were Girls
#11 Long Drive
#12 Kicked Out
#13 Stereo Store
#14 Hal's Friend
#15 Garage Sale
#16 Academic Octathlon
#17 Clip Show II
#18 Reese's Party
#19 Future Malcolm
#20 Baby, Part 1
#21 Baby, Part 2
#22 Day Care

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#1 Zoo: Aired Sunday, November 3, 2002

Malcolm, who has been going through an adolescent depression all summer, gets dragged to the zoo with his family. Reese gets bullied by a goat. Hal and Lois argue about Lois's past relationships after Hal gets bitten by a tarantula. Malcolm and Dewey fall into the tiger enclosure. Francis and Piama try to drive cross-country, but their car breaks down and they end up as ranch hands on a clueless German guy's farm. More...

#2 Humilithon: Aired Sunday, November 10, 2002

Malcolm tries to become popular his first week of high school, but his parents volunteerism and his Krelboyne friends sabotage him. While Lois enjoys volunteering, Hal goes to war with Mr. Herkabe, who is the volunteer coordinator at the high school. Dewey enjoys a short stint of being a latch-key kid, and takes up the piano. Francis almost quits Otto's farm because Otto keeps letting all the other staff go on vacation and Francis has to cover for them. More...

#3 Family Reunion: Aired Sunday, November 17, 2002

Everyone, including Francis and Piama, go to a family reunion on Hal's side of the family. Hal's family treats Lois incredibly poorly, even worse than she treats Piama. Hal tries to get his father to really talk to him instead of always turning everything into a joke. Reese trains Dewey to act cute to get in their rich grandfather's good graces, but it's Malcolm that ends up bonding with the old man over war memorabilia. Finally, the boys come to the defense of their mal-treated mother and destroy the celebration to protest the way Lois has been treated. More...

#4 Stupid Girl: Aired Sunday, November 24, 2002

Lois enjoys having a "good boy" around when Stevie stays with Malcolm while the Kenarbans are out of town. Malcolm gets coaching from Reese on how to be dumb when he meets a cute dumb girl at school. Hal wins $1,000 from a scratch lottery ticket and rents a steamroller so he can crush things. Francis tries to protect his naive boss from scam artists selling things like cow sunscreen. More...

#5 Forwards Backwards: Aired Sunday, December 1, 2002

Malcolm and Reese play a series of pranks on one another that ends in a go-kart disaster and Malcolm spending yet another birthday grounded. Dewey plays Abraham Lincoln in the school play, but his parents miss his spectacular performance. Hal needs Craig's nerdy help to buy Malcolm a comic book as a birthday present. Francis fights a devil cow that is terrorizing the ranch. More...

#6 Forbidden Girlfriend: Aired Sunday, December 15, 2002

Malcolm starts tutoring, and one of his students becomes his first really girlfriend. Even though both their parents forbid them to see each other, they can't help but spend time together and make out as much as possible. Francis goes to war with the real ranch next door to his dude ranch. Reese makes use of a boy in the neighborhood who looks almost exactly like Dewey. Lois and Hal realize their own productivity when they stop having sex for a week due to Lois's medication. More...

#7 Malcolm Holds His Tongue: Aired Sunday, January 5, 2003

Malcolm joins the basketball team at school and is really excited about being a part of a team that is considered cool. He soon find himself under the coach's skin due to his constant complaining, which eventually gets him kicked off the team. Determined to put an end to this horrible habit, Malcolm begs the coach to let him back promising to "hold his tongue". Meanwhile, Hal has taken up speed walking while Francis has taken up nude modeling -- both which end is disastrous results. More...

#8 Boys at Ranch: Aired Sunday, January 12, 2003

Hal takes the boys to visit Francis at the ranch. Hal is surprised when Otto and Gretchen rave about how wonderful Francis is. Malcolm and Reese are disappointed by the new, grown-up, responsible Francis, particularly when he scolds them for taking out all-terrain vehicles and crashing one of them. The boys get their oldest brother back with fireworks. Dewey learns how to clean everything, including his conscience, from Gretchen. Hal and Otto go out shooting together, scare away their horses, and only find their way home in the dark by following the fireworks. More...

#9 Grandma Sues/Lois is Pregnant: Aired Sunday, February 2, 2003

Grandma Ida is finishing up another nightmarish visit at the same time Francis and Piama come for a visit. With a full house, Malcolm has been exiled to a tent in the yard. Francis and Piama kick Malcolm out of his tent so that they can find some privacy for sex. On her way to the bus station, Ida slips on a wet leaf, falls, and breaks her collar bone. Ida decides to sue her daughter's family. Lois feels sick, goes to the doctor, and finds out she's pregnant. Everyone is horrified by the news, but eventually the boys band together to support their parents, and Grandma Ida's lawyer doesn't want the case when it turns out the family doesn't have insurance. More...

#10 If Boys Were Girls: Aired Sunday, February 9, 2003

Pregnant with her fifth child, Lois hopes for a girl and imagines what her life would be like if she had had all girls to begin with. Hal stresses about what to get Lois for Valentine's Day and ends up trying to steal her a gift. More...

#11 Long Drive: Aired Sunday, March 2, 2003

Lois takes Malcolm on a long drive and decides that it would be a good opportunity for a serious mother to son sex talk. Francis kills his boss's favorite cow. Hal's music group falls apart before it even gets to the stage. A day in jail tests a defiant Reese, who faces a "Scared Straight" encounter. More...

#12 Kicked Out: Aired Sunday, March 9, 2003

With Lois out of town and Hal left in charge, Hal quickly loses control of his sons. Hal and Malcolm end up having a huge fight, and Malcolm runs away to his girlfriend's house. As Nicki gets sick of her self-centered boyfriend secretly living in her attic, Hal becomes frantic, scouring the neighborhood for his son. While Hal is distracted, Reese plans an incredible stunt involving a bicycle and a fire hose. Francis is musically tortured by Otto's visiting nephew from Germany. More...

#13 Stereo Store: Aired Sunday, March 16, 2003

While Lois is out of town, Hal takes a night job at an electronics store. Hal tries desperately to get along with his delinquent co-workers who are just slacker teenagers. Hal hires a babysitter for the boys, and they are horrified when she turns out to be in Malcolm's grade at school. She manipulates them masterfully, getting them to eat healthy, do the dishes, and go to bed early. The boys plan a revolt, and Reese gets out of the house, only to find himself at a high school party with his own father. Francis tries to protect Otto and Gretchen when he accidentally allows a porn movie to shoot at the ranch, but the elderly couple surprises him with their open-mindedness. More...

#14 Hal's Friend: Aired Sunday, March 30, 2003

With Lois out of town, Hal invites his "forbidden" friend Larry over, and after a few beers they decide to start building a nursery... which means just ripping down the wall of Hal and Lois's bedroom. Hal quickly learns that Larry is as bad an influence as Lois always warned him. Malcolm and Stevie try to get their friend Dabney to stand up for himself against his overprotective mother and take him paint-balling. Dewey uses fake phone calls from Lois to manipulate Reese. With Piama and Gretchen out of town, Francis deals with his new bedmate, Otto, who has night terrors. More...

#15 Garage Sale: Aired Sunday, April 6, 2003

Lois tries to encourage Reese by putting him in charge of the family garage sale to raise money to fix the bedroom wall. Malcolm offers to sell Craig a vintage computer worth $1300 and plans a public display to prove how stupid Reese was to want to throw it away. Dewey uses the garage sale as an opportunity to sell off everything in the house. Hal finds his old radio station equipment and revives his illegal radio station from his college days. Francis tries to mend fences between Otto and his son, and in the process realizes an appreciation for his own family. More...

#16 Academic Octathlon: Aired Sunday, April 13, 2003

Malcolm is forced to participate in an academic decathlon with his classmates, but when he finds out that his fellow Krelboynes are planning to cheat, he decides to mess with the entire competition. Reese tries to get out of spending money to take Alison to a school dance, and ends up losing both the money and his girlfriend. Francis and Piama fight about chores and money, make peace, and send their fight out to other couples until it circles the globe and comes back to them. Hal battles an ant and his youngest son, Dewey, who claims not to love him anymore now that Hal won't give him a piggy-back ride to bed every night. More...

#17 Clip Show II: Aired Sunday, April 20, 2003

Hal and a very pregnant Lois decide it's high time they had a will, so they try to prepare one in the middle of the night so that they won't alarm the boys. While they lament their lack of assets and try to decide who should raise they boys if they die, they reminisce about the adventures, catastrophes and arguments of their past. More...

#18 Reese's Party: Aired Sunday, April 27, 2003

Hal and Lois go out of town for a "last chance" getaway before the baby arrives, but end up spending most of the weekend fighting over the fact that Hal didn't get the vasectomy that he promised he'd get. Reese, who is supposed to be on a bus to Canada to "visit grandma" sneaks back and plans a big party at the house, but instead he is invaded by a bunch of older teens that take over the garage for their "operation" (drug-making?). Malcolm sneaks back from Stevie's house for a rendevous with the class slut, but finds himself taken hostage in his own home with Reese. Dewey, who is staying with Craig, teaches Craig how much fun it is to play like a kid. Malcolm and Reese call Francis for help, but the guys in the garage turn out to be Francis's old friends, so he has no pull with them. Finally, Dewey saves the day by calling the guys' mothers who come over and humiliate them and take them home. More...

#19 Future Malcolm: Aired Sunday, May 4, 2003

Malcolm meets a cynical but brilliant loser who plays chess in the park, and tries to help him get a life by getting him a job interview with Craig. Lois tries to lose weight while Hal secretly tries to fatten her up. Dewey keeps pulling pranks and claiming that the unborn baby is telling him to do it. Francis poses nude for an art class at the ranch. More...

#20 Baby, Part 1: Aired Sunday, May 11, 2003

Hal takes the boys to a car show that turns out to be a bridal show. Reese, who is hired as a last-minute tuxedo model, finds he enjoys the prestige that wearing a tuxedo gives him. Malcolm tries to convince his father to let him go to a prep school in London. Dewey orchestrates an elaborate plan to humiliate his father due to the fact that Hal and Lois decided to induce labor on Dewey's birthday. Lois, who is home with Francis and Piama, is horrified when her evil mother, Ida, arrives and says she's come to live with them. Desperate to get rid of Ida, Lois invites Hal's black poker buddies over to scare off the bigotted old woman. Lois's plan has just about worked when Lois goes into labor and Ida decides to stick around. Hal, who finds out on his cell phone that his wife has gone into labor, frantically collects his sons and tries to get out of the bridal show, but he's pursued by the tuxedo rental guy who wants to get his tuxedo back from Reese. More...

#21 Baby, Part 2: Aired Sunday, May 18, 2003

Hal, desperate to get home to Lois, crashes the car on the way out of the bridal expo, and finds himself in a neckbrace on a gurney at the hospital. While at the hospital, the boys sit in on a parenting class and realize all the things their own parents didn't do right when they were newborns. Meanwhile, at home, Lois is in labor and waiting for the paramedics to arrive, but Francis is the one who ends up delivering his youngest sibling. Piama comes up with a scheme to get rid of Lois's mother. More...

#22 Day Care: Aired Sunday, May 18, 2003

The family joins a church for the free daycare, but don't realize how much the church will affect them. Reese finds God and goes on a quest that involves a lawn chair and a bunch of enormous helium balloons. Dewey realizes that he is to ants what God is to people. Lois is relieved to have someone to watch the new baby, but finds herself saddled with someone else's terror of a son while she's at work. Hal is relieved when their nursery addition is finished by the congregation, but is terrified by the mural of Jesus on the cross that has been painted on the wall. To get more business for the ranch, Francis pretends that aliens have landed nearby. More...

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