Season 5, Episode 18: Dewey's Special Class

Aired: Sunday, May 2, 2004

Rating: 4.6/7


Full synopsis and review by Petch


Written by Maggie Bandur
Directed by David D'Ovidio

Guest starring
Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie Kenarban
Kenneth Mars as Otto
Tricia O'Kelley as Mrs. Welsh
Matt Malloy as Mr. Sheridan
Amy Castle as Haley
Danny McCarthy as Hanson

David Higgins as Craig Feldspar

Dennis Bendersky as Davey
David Trice as manager
Ayla Kell as Kylie
Cameron Monaghan as Chad
Derek Cox-Berg as special kid #1
Raven Goodwin as special kid #2
Nikki Lee as special kid #3
Christopher Gerse as red Krelboyne
Luan Gideonn as woman
Featured music
"Sometimes When We Touch" by Dan Hill, possibly remade by the Rimini Project

This episode was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Choreography (Fred Tallekson, Choreographer).