Season 5, Episode 17: Polly in the Middle

Aired: Sunday, April 25, 2004

Rating: 4.4/7


Full synopsis and review by Petch


Written by Matthew Carlson
Directed by Steve Love

Special guest star Julie Hagerty as Polly

Guest starring
Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie Kenarban
Gary Anthony Williams as Abe Kenarban
Emy Coligado as Piama
Harley Zumbrum as Pete Bucowski

Special appearance by Reggie Jackson as himself

David Higgins as Craig Feldspar

Gino Montesinos as ranch hand #1
Martin Morales as ranch hand #2
Ramon Hilario as ranch hand #3
Kimberly Jackson as herself
DJ Lockhart as convention official
Ted Giannoulas as San Diego Chicken
Ron E. Dickinson as vent worker