Season 4, Episode 13: Stereo Store

Aired: Sunday, March 16, 2003

Rating: 6.2/9


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Written by Matthew Carlson
Directed by Bryan Cranston

Guest starring
Kenneth Mars as Otto
Hayden Panettiere as Jessica
Meagan Fay as Gretchen
Brittany Reneé Finamore as Alison
Gregg Brinkley as Randy
Corey Lovett as Seth
Jeremy Howard as Ethan
Angela Little as Debbie
Helen Slayton-Hughe as elderly woman
Kristina Colon as Tori
Elisa Leonetti as French maid
Jon Ryckman as Arnie
James Giordano as naked man
Leslie David Parker as customer #2
Ivan Baccarat as oily actor
Todd Holland as Patrick (uncredited)
Featured music
"The Art Of Losing" by American Hi-Fi