Quotes from Stereo Store

Compiled by Petch

Alison: "Maybe the weather's better on Channel 7."

Reese: "What do we need a babysitter for?"
Hal: "Because I want the house to be where I left it."

Otto: "One day I vill be fluffing ze pillow of Mr. Rutger Hauer!"

Randy: "Unlike you shiftless losers, this is a man who's going to get me out of the hellhole of assistant night manager."

Reese: "You can't make me take a bath. I'll go outside and roll in the mud, and I'll go to bed that way."

Malcolm: "Okay, Reese is easy, but she's good."

Gretchen: "I guess like a little girl, I had dreams, ja? But zey said I vasn't pretty enough, and zey said I vasn't smart enough."
Otto: "Your mother vas a jealous cow."

Dewey: (eating carrot sticks) "I don't know what company makes this stuff, but I hate it."

Jessica: "You know, Malcolm, I think Hal looks to you--"
Malcolm: "Stop calling him Hal!"

Hal: "So when you're not at work, what do you do for fun?"
Seth: "Nothing."
Hal: "Me, too. Word!"

Patrick: "I love Gretchen. She's just like my mom, except she's not a 60-year-old stripper."
Francis: "Look, I didn't know when I booked your company that you made....porn. My problem is, Gretchen really has her heart set on doing this, and I don't want to call the police."
Patrick: "Oh, I get it. So what's your pleasure, Debbie or Lance?"

Jessica: "We'll just leave it to the tough but always fair court of high school public opinion."

Malcolm: "Do you want to spend the rest of your life trying to remember what chocolate tastes like?"

Patrick: "Can we get back to work now? I'm shooting my sister's wedding in six hours."
Francis: "Sure."

Otto: "The cinema has a brilliant new light, and her name is Gretchen Mannkusser!"

Jessica: "Dewey, I thought you were asleep."
Dewey: "You thought a lot of things."

Malcolm: "Okay, here's how it's going to work. Reese and I are going out, and you're going to tell my Dad we were here the whole time. You're going to stay here with Dewey and wait on him, hand and foot."
Dewey: "I want a sundae, and then some pizza. And then another pizza, and then a pizza sundae."

Hal: "What the hell am I doing? There's no reason for me to be here. You're an idiot. Your friends are idiots. Everyone jammed into this playhouse is an idiot."
Ethan: (chuckling) "You just called yourself an idiot....I think I'm going to be sick."

Gretchen: "I found zat whole scene vas kind of stupid and pointless. You know vhat vould have helped? Some sex."

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