Season 2, Episode 5: Casino

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Aired: Sunday, November 19, 2000

Rating: 8.2/12


Full synopsis

Written by Gary Murphy & Neil Thompson
Directed by Todd Holland

Guest starring
David Higgins as Craig Feldspar
Todd Giebenhain as Richie
Kasan Butcher as Cadet Joe
Michael Horse as security guy
Ajgie Kirkland as Major Hughes
Todd Eckert as hotel man
Michelle Davison as woman
B.J. Porter as attendant
Kristen Trucksess as attendant #2
Larry Weissman as waiter
Sara van Horn as Richie's mom
Featured music
"It's A Good Life" by The Getaway People

"It's A Good Life" is the name of Jerome Bixby's short story on which the twilight zone episode where a six year old has the ability to wish people out of existence is based. It is also the song playing while things are getting blown up. They show Lois and Dewey enjoying themselves in the spa, but the beat and the TV reference better matches things getting blown up.

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