Season 2, Episode 1: Traffic Jam

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Aired: Sunday, November 5, 2000

Rating: 9.0/13

In memory of Mike Sforza


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Written by Dan Kopelman
Directed by Todd Holland

Jane Kaczmarek
Bryan Cranston
Christopher Kennedy Masterson
Justin Berfield
Erik Per Sullivan
Frankie Muniz
Guest starring
Clyde Kusatsu as the ice cream man
Hallee Hirsh as Jessica
Mark Christopher Lawrence as sheriff #1
Arjay Smith as Finley
Eric Nenninger as Cadet Eric
Kasan Butcher as Cadet Joe
Jayne Taini as farmer woman
Andy MacKenzie as thief
Andrew Craig as Mr. Wells
Skip O'Brien as worker
John Harrington bland as sheriff #2
Erin Briskey as kid
Featured music
"Devil Went Down to Georgia" (convenience store robbery)

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