3rd Season

#1 Houseboat
#2 Emancipation
#3 Book Club
#4 Malcolm's Girlfriend
#5 Charity
#6 Health Scare
#7 Christmas
#8 Poker
#9 Reese's Job
#10 Lois's Makeover
#11 Company Picnic
#12 Reese Drives
#13 Cynthia's Back
#14 Hal's Birthday
#15 Hal Coaches
#16 Dewey's Dog
#17 Poker #2
#18 Clip Show
#19 Jury Duty
#20 Cliques
#21 Monkey

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#1 Houseboat: Aired Sunday, November 11, 2001

The Wilkersons go on a family vacation with the Kenarbans on a houseboat. Francis gets himself emancipated so that he can leave school and go work in Alaska.

#2 Emancipation: Aired Wednesday, November 14, 2001

A haughty new teacher spurs the Krelboynes into a competitive frenzy. Lois ignores Francis, who's off to Alaska.

#3 Book Club: Aired Sunday, November 18, 2001

Lois goes to a book club meeting where no one discusses the book and leaves Hal taking care of the boys for the night. Francis meets a friendly truck-driver while hitch-hiking up to Alaska.

#4 Malcolm's Girlfriend: Aired Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Malcolm finally gets a girlfriend, but he's so infatuated with her that his school work and social skills suffer. Finally, when his jealousy and obsession start to take over his life, he gets dumped. Francis gets arrested for fishing a donut out of a dumpster, but finds his few days in jail fascinating as he watches the soap-opera lives of his jailers unfold. Dewey finally makes a real friend, a rich kid named Ronnie who just moved to the neighborhood. When Ronnie's mother asks for Dewey's help in planning Ronnie's surprise birthday party, Dewey leads her into planning his own fantasy birthday party, completely disregarding what he knows Ronnie would want. A devastated Malcolm tries to find solace in the bouncy castle at Ronnie's party, but he's too big and ends up bursting the whole thing.

#5 Charity: Aired Sunday, December 2, 2001

Francis finally makes it to Alaska and finds himself drawn into Eric's life there, that of near slave-labor at the local store/canteen. Francis and Eric try to rebel against their task-master, a woman named Lavernia, by stealing her log book of what everyone in town owes her, but instead they get locked in the storeroom and eat themselves silly waiting to get busted in the morning. Lois decides her boys should do some charity work, and so sends them to help out with donations to the poor at the church. The boys end up fencing the stuff instead of sorting it, and finally admit to their father what they've been doing. Hal tries to help them return all the stuff they've stolen, but they end up getting arrested when the car breaks down. Hal and the boys consider running away to avoid Lois's wrath, but when they come home they find that she's not angry, she's just taken all of their belongings and donated them to charity.

#6 Health Scare: Aired Sunday, December 9, 2001

While Hal and Lois are stressing about something suspicious that Hal's doctor discovers during a routine check-up, Lois becomes stricter than ever, leading the boys to believe that their parents are considering a divorce. Dewey sets the class hamster free to save it from other menacing classmates. Francis's boss challenges him to a fight, and he refuses to hit a woman until she starts talking about his mother.

#7 Christmas: Aired Sunday, December 16, 2001

Lois decides to hold Christmas hostage in order to get the boys to behave. Just when the boys can't take it anymore and decide to take back Christmas, Lois decides she's a terrible mother and shouldn't hold holidays hostage. When Lois goes to get all the presents from the garage, she finds the boys there already opening them, but she decides that denial is the road to take and thanks Hal for waking up the boys get them to help carry the presents inside. Meanwhile, Francis spends a torturous Christmas with his grandmother Ida up north, and realizes that she's completely insane when he sees all the presents she has bought for family and friends over the years and then never given them.

#8 Poker: Aired Sunday, January 6, 2002

Hal goes to play poker with Abe Kenarban and his friends. Lois drags Reese to a dance lesson. In Alaska, Francis and his buddies are snowed in.

#9 Reese's Job: Aired Sunday, January 20, 2002

Reese, to pay for his own car insurance, gets a job working for Francis's burn-out friend Richie at the local fast food joint. All seems to be going well... until his devious boss tries to frame him for stealing. Malcolm is humiliated when a new eight-year-old Krelboyne genius is assigned as his tutor, but Mr. Herkabe fawns over the new boy so much that his parents pull him out of the class. Hal and Lois promise Dewey a puppy if he can keep a goldfish alive and are horrified when he seems to be actually pulling it off. Francis's grizzle friend Pete orders a mail-order bride from Russia, but may have read the catalog wrong.

#10 Lois's Makeover: Aired Sunday, January 27, 2002

Lois is mortified when she is called "slovenly" and is asked to dress up her appearance at work. Even though she is surprised when her new look comes with certain advantages, it goes against everything she believes in, and she's actually relieved when a guy on the street mistakes her for a prostitute. The boys are finally able to beat their father at basketball, but it turns out their dad is the worst kind of bad sport when it comes to losing. Francis becomes legendary in Alaska for killing rats, but he meets his match when he goes after the famed rat Rose Marie.

#11 Company Picnic: Aired Sunday, February 3, 2002

It's Hal's company picnic, and Hal is nervous about meeting his new boss because his past new boss meetings have all gone so horribly. Hal finally meets his ne boss, Pratt, and the meeting seems disaster free until Hal realizes that his boss thinks Hal is the uber-boss, Mr. Landon. Rather than clear up the mistake, Hal pretends to be Mr. Landon and fires Pratt. Malcolm is excited to see a girl named Laurie who was a friend growing up but since moved away. Laurie is excited to see Malcolm too, but Malcolm misinterprets the signs and gushes his romantic feelings to Laurie. When she doesn't return his feelings, things are a bit awkward, but they get even worse when Malcolm and Laurie are tied together for three hours for a three-legged scavenger hunt. Malcolm can't believe Laurie likes someone else, and won't stop talking about it, until Laurie finally yells at him and tells him all the little reasons she doesn't like him. Malcolm starts crying, and dries his tears with some nearby leaves... that turn out to be poison oak. Reese gets paired up for the scavenger hunt with a brute of a boy, and together they manage to win the contest by beating up all the smaller boys and taking their scavenger items. Lois tries to keep Dewey from eating candy, because the sugar turns him into a monster, but it's a losing battle that is finally completely lost when Dewey gets ahold of the full piñata. Lois is terrorized by a couple who have paranoid delusions and keep cornering Lois with their problems. Finally Lois can't take it anymore and ends up in a female mud-wrestling match. In Alaska, Francis tries to buy his way out of his slavery by betting against his own hockey team in a grudge match. However, when Francis gets out on the ice himself and realizes how hard everyone's working and how great everyone is to each other out there, he gets the spirit and ends up winning the game for his own team.

#12 Reese Drives: Aired Sunday, February 10, 2002

Reese gets his learner's permit and finds himself being chased by the cops for his very first driving lesson. Malcolm helps Craig set up the best entertainment system ever. Francis promises all his friends in Alaska the impossible to get them to help him out of a tight spot.

#13 Cynthia's Back: Aired Sunday, February 17, 2002

Malcolm's old classmate, Cynthia, returns after a semester abroad. Malcolm has trouble keeping the secret from Reese when he finds out that Cynthia bloomed while she was in Europe and now has enormous breasts, but then Malcolm has to foil Reese's evil plan to see them. Dewey helps Hal with his problem with flying kites. Lois can't believe that Hal never even thinks about other women. Francis thinks that totem pole will tell him what to do with his life.

#14 Hal's Birthday: Aired Sunday, March 3, 2002

Lois plans to have Francis show up as a surprise for Hal's birthday, but the surprise is on Lois when Francis shows up with his new wife, Piama. Piama and Lois immediately hate each other, and Francis's younger brothers, fed up with all the yelling in their house, steal their father's credit card and move to a luxury hotel.

#15 Hal Coaches: Aired Sunday, March 10, 2002

Hal coaches Dewey's pathetic soccer team and invigorates them by convincing them they're superheroes fighting the evil that is the other teams. Malcolm becomes obsessed with a computer game that simulates his family. Reese blackmails the next-door neighbor with the knowledge that he's been having many affairs with all the women in the neighborhood. Piama gets Francis's boss to lighten up on him by kidnapping the woman's parakeet.

#16 Dewey's Dog: Aired Sunday, April 7, 2002

Dewey adopts a dog off the street and uses him to hold his brothers hostage. Hal and Lois try to go out for a romantic evening, but both are hiding growing flu symptoms from the other. Commandant Spangler shows up destitute on Francis's doorstep in Alaska, blaming the teen for his ruin.

#17 Poker #2: Aired Sunday, April 21, 2002

Hal invites Abe Kenarban and the guys over for poker, but they end up competing over everything except cards. Malcolm, Reese and Stevie are left entertaining the teenage daughter of one of the card players and her friend. Reese tells the girls that Stevie is terminally ill, getting Stevie a little sympathy nookie. Malcolm steals a gun from one of the girls' purses and tries to destroy it. Dewey gets fed up with being kicked out of every room in the house. Francis fears that Piama is seeing an old lover, but ends up busting her meeting with her deadbeat dad.

#18 Clip Show: Aired Sunday, April 28, 2002

Hal takes the boys to see a therapist, Dr. Kennedy, when he's convinced they damaged the car by going joyriding. When the boys protest that they did nothing wrong, Dr. Kennedy asks some probing questions about their childhood and their no-nonsense mother Lois, which result in a series of reminiscences of their experiences. The boys end up proving to their father that he simply forgot to set the brake on the car, and it rolled out of the driveway on its own.

#19 Jury Duty: Aired Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Lois has jury duty, and tries hard to get her fellow jurors to take the case seriously. Hal becomes obsessed with what he thinks is Lois's murder case and he and Abe spend days researching it and arguing about it. Reese can't stop talking about seeing Stevie's mother naked. Reese, Malcolm, Dewey and Stevie go exploring in the sewers, get lost, and turn on each other. Francis and his friends go ice-fishing in Alaska, but end up held hostage by a bear.

#20 Cliques: Aired Sunday, May 5, 2002

Stuck home from school with the chicken pox, Dewey starts playing with dominoes. Hal becomes obsessed with knocking down Dewey's creation, while Reese, under threat from his mother, defends it. Malcolm and his fellow Krelboynes destroy their classroom and are put back into the general population of their school. They quickly each adopt a clique as their own and end up turning the cliques against each other with violent repercussions. Francis finds out that his and Piama's house sits partly on a Native American reservation, and so starts his own casino. Francis and Piama discover that they disagree on some very important issues.

#21 Monkey: Aired Sunday, May 12, 2002

A wheelchair-bound Craig hires a Capuchin monkey to be his personal assistant, but the monkey ends up turning against him. After Reese saves his family from a robber breaking into their home, he decides to become the strong arm of the law around the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Hal feels inadequate as the man of the family and looks to pick a fight to prove himself. Hal ends up saving Craig from a nine-pound monkey. Dewey can't sleep after the robber breaks into the house and keeps Malcolm awake almost to the point of breaking the world record for sleeplessness. Francis loses his job and Piama loses her house and Francis finally convinces Piama to leave Alaska.

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