Quotes from High School Play

High School Girl: Whoever he was, he had a funny little beard and wrote a great play called The Midsummer Night's Dream.

Malcolm: People are always asking our class to volunteer for stuff. They just assume we're social rejects with nothing better to do. And they're right, I just don't like having it thrown in my face.

Caroline: Before anyone gets too excited, there is a down side. You're probably going to have to miss class.

Malcolm: Look at all these people! They're pierced. They're brooding. They are wearing weird clothes. They don't care about anything. It's like a room full of Francises!

Lois: You went from a part with no lines to the lead in the high school play?
Hal: That's great! -- It's not a musical is it?
Malcolm: No
Hal: That's great!
Reese: Dude you play a fairy?
Lois: Not just any fairy Reese. He's the biggest fairy in the whole play!

Dewey: Can we run over things in the car, like we did last time?

Lois: Oh my god, is that right? -- what time do you have?
Cashier: 5:45?
Lois: 5:45. That's not possible. Dropped off Malcolm, picked up Reese, dinner is in the oven -- Hah?
Cashier: What is it?
Lois: I have the next 25 minutes free.
Cashier: How did you manage that? Did you leave a kid somewhere?
Lois: No. No, they are all accounted for.
Cashier: What ya gonna do?

Cadet: But sir, that's a photo of my sister.
Spangler: To you, she's your sister, to the other cadets she's a distraction.

Dewey: This is nice. It never looks like the box when I do it alone.

Malcolm: What if I could just go straight to high school? I've been told skipping grades stunts you socially. I think I've been lied to.

Hal: So Dewey, I'm thinking our little community can use a school.
Dewey: Don't need it, everyone is born smart.
Hal: Oh, that's beautiful, son. It's a utopia.
Dewey: And anyone stupid will be ground up for food.
Hal: Oh, a cannibalistic utopia, interesting.

Caroline: I work hard too, but I manage to make it to the Lamaze class. [to janitor]

Dewey: Live, Live, Live, Die. Live, Live, Live, Live, Die.
Hal: Hey, what happened to the judicial system presided over by a tribunal of elders?
Dewey: I had them lined up and shot!

Malcolm: This must be one of those times that feels like an eternity, but only a few seconds have gone by.
Hal: How come Malcolm hasn't said anything for five minutes?

Reese: It's over? But you promised me partial nudity.
Hal: Yeah, that was a lie.
Reese: And ice cream after?
Hal: That too.

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