Quotes from Dinner Out

Malcolm: The thing about playing at Stevie Kenarban's house is he has every one of my favorite video games... from when I was four.
Stevie: End of the rainbow. I win the gold.
Malcolm: Don't you have anything more violent?
Stevie: Fishing for Fishies. Sometimes he drowns.

Kitty: You better get going, you don't want to make her mad.
Malcolm: She's always mad.

Spangler: She's a very demanding woman, and I haven't seen her for a long time. I want things to go well.

Lois: Hal look, 'Please wait to be seated'

Hal: Do I feel flushed?
Lois: No.

Francis: Hey, I promised you girls, not quality girls.

Hal: To being whipped.
Abe: Like butter, my friend

Spangler: It won't be long before they're in the air ducts

Kitty: Did you know that Kurt Russell was the jungle boy on "Gilligan's Island?"
Lois: Don't change the subject! We're having an argument here, I yell at you, you yell at me, that's what you do! What's wrong with you?
Kitty: Whatever you say is wrong with me is what's wrong with me. There, problem solved.

Stevie: Crying on command got me a cable modem!

Malcolm: Finally, justice. I mean, if he doesn't kill him.

Francis: Hey, Horton, you okay? What happened?
Horton: I've seen things, Francis, terrible things. I think I'm engaged.

Malcolm: Whoa! Interesting dinner, Stevie beat the crap out of Reese, his dad got drunk, and his mom's gone totally psycho. Oh my God, we're contagious!

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