Quotes from Burning Man

Compiled by Petch and TK

Reese: "A week of freedom out in the desert, naked women, getting back to your primal nature, naked women, people doing art, naked women...."
Dewey: "Are all the women naked?"
Reese: (hits him) "That is all you heard, isn't it?"

Hal: "Thank God your mother undercooked the chicken last night, or who knows when we might have found out about this!"

Lois: "This 'burning person' sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun. What a great idea, Malcolm."
Reese: "Yeah, maybe next year we can take grandma to Mardi Gras."
Malcolm: "Do you think I enjoy having powers that I can't control? Believe me, I'd much rather be as stupid as you are."
Reese: "Don't try sucking up to me now."

Hal: "Dewey, what is the rule?"
Dewey: (mantra-like) "This one RV is worth three of me."

Reese: "I know what you're thinking. The roadrunners are too smart to catch and eat. But the coyotes are idiots!"

Reese: "You know what? I think I want some Stanley!"

Man: "He's performance art. He's skewering the empty banality of the modern suburban dad."
Hal: "Honey, where did I put my good basting brush? Honey? Honey?"
Woman: "This guy's good."

Anita: "You've internalized a lot of criticism, haven't you?"

Malcolm: "Wow, and I thought I all that crap everyone said about love was just to piss me off!"

Lois: "I added a little food coloring. It's artistic. I'm being artistic!"

Hal: "Green eggs and toast. I do not like green eggs and toast."

Malcolm: "Did you know that you are the most incredible woman who ever lived?"
Anita: "Well, I knew I was in the Top Three, but I guess your vote clinches it."

Hal: "No one told me there was a looky-loo convention in town."

Lois: "Oh, I wish there was a J.C. Penney nearby. I'd love to get wallets of this."

Hal: "They say we're stubborn, they say we're closed-minded, but I say there's nothing closed-minded about shunning ideas that make you scared an uncomfortable."

Reese: "Wait, I want my lawyer! He's that naked guy in the buffalo head."

Nate: "That's how we end burning man, man! By burning the man!"

Anita: "I'm sorry, Malcolm. Life is a journey that you have to take on your own."
Malcolm: "I've tried my own journey. It sucks."

Hal: "Oh, for crying out loud, just torch the bastard and we're outta here!"

Crowd: (who had been yelling "Burning man!") "Burning van! Burning van!"

Reese: "I still can't believe how awesome Burning Man was. Next year we're totally going back, right?"
Lois: (emphatic, near whisper) "Totally."

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