Quotes from Mrs. Tri-County

Compiled by Petch

Hal: "Why don't you just blindfold your mother and throw her down some stairs? That'd be fun!"

Reese: "Look at all these old broads trying to look hot. Don't they know we're done with them?"

Malcolm: "Reese saw a Japanese guy on the internet puke into an electric fan."
Reese: "They are ahead of us in so many ways."

Donna: "Well, I think we know who's winning 'Mrs. Deluded'!"

Dewey: "Dad, I have homework!"
Hal: "Oh, just buy it from the guy Reese buys his from."

Hal: "That was amazing! I don't know where you came up with that crap, but you nailed it!"

Herkabe: "At first I toyed with the idea of lying to her, but then I decided to tell her honestly I find her repellant. It's better to be classy."

Nina: "Have a sex-change, come back in twenty years, and we'll talk."

Reese: "I'm supposed to have three rocky marriages and die in a hotel fire!"

Lois: "Whining isn't going to make me go any faster."

Dr. Dave: "And now, our third contestant Lois will be accompanied by her lovely daughter Dewey."

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