Quotes from Buseys Run Away

Compiled by Petch

Malcolm: "Give me back the deodorant!"
Reese: "I haven't done the upper half of my body yet."

Hal: (creating an impromptu jingle) "Newspaper! Keepin' track of your neighborhood raper!"

Lois: "You have no idea how many hours I've spent trying to convince Mrs. Welsh that you are normal, so don't screw it up."

Hal: "I should enjoy him before he's old enough to be ashamed of me."

Mrs. Welsh: "You don't have to be in here for the rest of your lives. There's always a chance to escape--er, get a, uhm, transfer over."

Hanson: "Things have gotten so much better since you got here. Chad hasn't bitten anything alive in weeks. I get off my motorcycle for lunch."

Chad: "Hug-jail! Make him stay with the hug-jail!"

Hal: "You guys are huge....and shiny!"
Bodybuilder: "Thanks, mister. But we can always be huger. And shinier."
Hal: "You're out here all day?"
Bodybuilder: "As long as those disability checks keep coming."

Malcolm: "You've seen fireworks before, and you've seen movies. But you've never seen them together at the same time."
Reese: "Let's get moving. I want to pay matinee prices."
Dewey: "I don't feel like it. Go without me."
Malcolm: "Come on, we're trying to nice here and reach out to you as a brother."
Reese: "Yeah, you don't have to worry. We're not setting you up. (to Malcolm) Are we?"

Dewey: "Aren't you going to warn me that I'd better not lose my milk money, or that I'd better be polite to the crossing guard?"
Lois: "No."

Hal: "There you go, balanced to the penny. The problem was, you weren't the check amount, you were adding your address over and over."

Reese: "By the way, do you think she's gotten stupider or fatter?"

Dewey: "You see, Mom doesn't yell and scream at us because it's the only way she knows how to talk. She does it because we do stuff that's bad. And if you don't anything, she doesn't get mad at you. Do you understand. It's not her, it's us."
Malcolm: "Fine. Don't tell us."

Malcolm: "I think two of my fingers fused together."
Lois: "Great! That leaves eight for me to punish to the bone."

Zoe: "The squirrels will have to vote you in, but I'll put in a good word."

Dewey: "Dad, when you're finished watering your men can I ask you something?"

Hal: "Hero? I wouldn't say 'hero.' But you can, if you want."

Hanson: "Mom's right. I do have crazy eyes."

Lois: "Your homework better be finished, or I swear to God I'll set some fireworks in a place a lot darker than a movie theatre!"

Hal: "Lois, you have to promise me, if you ever see me holding a cat and laughing maniacally over a globe, you need to let me know!"

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