Quotes from Opera

Compiled by TK

Hal: It's just interesting to learn how it starts.
Lois: How what starts?
Hal: Well, first you buy the king size bed, the largest bed made, but then of course at some point even the giant bed doesn't put enough room between you and the hideous monster, so you start sleeping in another room and soon we're barely exchanging pleasantries, and then one day you say, "Hal, let's just say what we're both thinking," and then I end up eating alone at a formica table under a swinging light bulb while you are on a beach in Ibiza being rubbed with cocoa butter by your new lover who you can never get to close to!

Dewey: I was just sitting there and this... this opera came on. People screaming and hating. It was our family but with music, and it all mixed together in counterpoint that underscored the futility of their lives. And the stretto showed the minor key had been hiding in the subdominant from the very first bar.

Stevie: You think you can beat this glorious alpha male?

Boy: Dewey, when it says Jamie wets his diaper, should I really wet myself?
Dewey: No.
Boy: But on show night?
Dewey: If the second act drags.

Hal: Wow, everyone we know is here.
Lois: I hope Dewey doesn't embarass himself.

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