Quotes from Dirty Magazine

Compiled by TK

Malcolm: I told you, nothing gets rejected. It doesn't matter how self-indulgent or boring or childish or stupid or painful it is, if it can be stapled, it's in.

Nell: Ronnie and I have written stories that we want to submit. We demand that you embrace our vibrant female voices.

Stevie: Men... are pigs.

Hal: She was practically drooling over my sexy hands. And then, later this morning, she asked me if I thought her butt was big. And it wasn't! It was perfect. It wasn't an innocent request for information, Lois. If your butt was as perfect as hers, believe me, you'd know it.

Hal: Oh, all right. You can make me flirt with this beautiful woman, but you can't make me like it.
Lois: I can make you do anything I want.
Hal: You're right.

Hal: I didn't know what to say, I don't do anything for fun.

Malcolm: Ronnie's a lesbian.
Lois: Well, maybe she wouldn't be a lesbian if you tucked in your shirt once in awhile.

Musclebound jock: Man, from now on I'm gonna ask a girl's permission before I say "nice rack."

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