Quotes from Block Party

Compiled by Petch

Malcolm: "The whole neighborhood hates us so much that they throw a giant celebration just because we're gone."
Lois: "Malcolm, that's not news. I'm just surprised they're so organized."

Hal: "Communities seek out a common enemy. If if wasn't us, they'd all team up against someone else. Probably a minority."

Otto: "Oh, now, Francis, zere is nothing to be afraid of. Hrmm, I wonder why you have to wear goggles."

Reese: "Most people go through life unnoticed. Their names are never in the paper; they've got no laws named after them. That's fine for most people, but I wanted more."

Ed: "I urge you all to stay calm and try to enjoy the fair anyway. Otherwise, they and their awful children will have won."

Malcolm: "I'm just saying, kids should not be blamed for how terrible their parents are. I mean, if Saddam Hussein had a son--well, maybe that's not the best example...."

Hal: "Oh, come on, Lois. A woman reaches her gastronomic peak at just about your age. I'll sign up with you. Unless....you're afraid I'll beat you."
Lois: "Hal, you're good at a lot of things, but this is kielbasa. Let's go."

Reese: "Don't worry. If I'd wanted to beat you up, you'd all be hanging by your underpants by now."

Otto: "You know he weighs 4,000 pounds, and when his passion is aroused, he may come down with crushing force."
Francis: "I want a raise."
Otto: "Yeah....all right."

Bobby: "What about pulling Reese's hair?"
Dewey: "No, his head will be covered. Look, you're thinking too hard. Just let your hatred tell your body what to do."

Hal: "I try to line them up like one continuous dog. It's the space between kielbasas that tells your body it's full."

Reese: "I'm in a hurry. I'm getting a beating in fifteen minutes."

Ed: "Oh, wait a minute. Is this the end of the road for Lois?"
Lois: "Hmmm? No, I just want more sauerkraut."

Dewey: "All right. You all know the rules. You each get thirty seconds. Absolutely no weapons of any kind."

Francis: "Hey, look at this. It says we're supposed to smear on cow pheremones. They're supposed to make him crazy. No wonder he isn't into it. Did you see a bottle of pheremones?"

Malcolm: "Well, I guess Mom was right. We were serving a purpose in the neighborhood all these years."

Dewey: (carrying large bags of popcorn) "Hey, Reese, you want to help me fill up the moon-bounce with this?"
Reese: "Nah, I'm going to go put dogs in the Ferris wheel."

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