Quotes from Goodbye Kitty

Compiled by Petch

Hal: (to Jamie) "You know the drill. Mommy never knows."

Malcolm: "Stevie, for the last time, I'm not going to partner up with you for wheelchair basketball."
Stevie: "I smell....chicken."

Lois: "You'll stick a cockroach in your mouth and you won't even taste this?"

Abe: "Dig in, Stevie. That's real butter pooling on your plate."

Lois: "Here, Dewey, you're good with the baby."
Dewey: "No, I'm not. You're just saying that!"
Lois: "Hey, you caught me. Your reward is you get to feed the baby."

Reese: "Why don't you just admit it? Nobody in this house cares about my hair but me!"

Otto: "We must be strong and determined and never shirk from our responsibilities, no matter how unpleasant zey may be."
Francis: "You're going to make me do this, aren't you?"

Abe: "You know me, Hal. I've always had a hard time being, you know, direct. That was one of my problems with Kitty. That and the utterly mechanical nature of our sex life."

Reese: "Okay, I told him."
Abe: "What?"
Reese: "He's taking it pretty hard. Somebody should probably go over there and talk to him."

Malcolm: (to Stevie) "And stop using that. You can talk perfectly--er, you don't need that thing."

Dewey: "This whole growing up thing's unfair. When you're born, everything's perfect. But before you know it, it all goes bad. Every day you get a little less attention, you gotta do more stuff, and they love you a little less."
Lois: "No, that's just this family."

Teenaged Lois: "What an aggravaing day. Some idiot named Hal streaked our gym class. He didn't see the volleyball net, and they ended up carrying him off in a stretcher."

Hal: "If you get a little weepy during your presentation, do what I do. Spill coffee on yourself and leave the room."
Abe: "You're too good to me."

Otto: "You haven't taken care of Paintcan yet, have you?"
Francis: "What kind of a question is that? If I had, would I be hiding from you?"

Stevie: (via voice generator) "Why don't you find yourself another project. Lloyd looks happy. Why don't you destroy his family?"

Teacher: "Kick his ass."

Otto: "We will be sending her to a much better place with open fields and cool mountain springs where she can run all day--and horses ride people. (contemplating) Unless, of course, she's been a bad horse. Then she will have to spend eternity in a lake of fire with a delicious bale of hay just out of reach."

Francis: "Otto, I've never killed anything bigger than a poodle. And that was a total accident."

Teenaged Lois: "People like you are the reason I'm moving to Paris the second I graduate!"

Stevie: (via voice generator) "This thing sucks at sarcasm."

Lois: "Are you wearing a diaper?"
Dewey: "I want you to know my level of commitment."

Reese: "Do you think it's right to totally change who you are and turn your back on everything you believe in just to impress a hot guy?"
Hal: "....Burt Reynolds hot or Sting hot?"

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