Quotes from Experiment

Compiled by Petch

Malcolm: "Jonas Salk would have solved this days ago."
Stevie: "He wasn't....working with....an idiot."

Lois: "Dewey, your father and I have missed everything at school this year. The paper drive, the car wash, the bake sale. We need you to pick up the slack."

Hal: "It'll be a great for your character to sell--er, what's a good number?--275 bars."

Dewey: "I just want you to know, if some crazy couple steals me and then raises me as a girl, it's on your head."
Lois: "No, it's not."

Reese: "Guys! Guys, I've made a discovery! When you mix blue and yellow, you get an entirely new color. I'm going to name it 'blellow.'"

Dewey: "She even compared me selling candy to you getting married."
Francis: "Do you know what? Make it two dozen. But don't tell Mom, she'll think I did it just to make her mad."

Francis: "You can't kill him if he has a name. It's Ralph. Little Ralph the piglet."
Pete: "Aw, geez. That's my kid's name."

Lois: "It's nice Dewey's working so hard for the school. If he keeps this up, we'll be able to blow off the safety fair."

Dewey: "These aren't candy bars. These are America bars."
Middle Aged Man: "What are you talking about?"
Dewey: "You know, America bars. Well, actually I prefer the term 'Freedom bars.' You love America, right?"

Hal: "Have your pet spayed or neutered!"

Piama: "Listen, Francis, either you return Ralph to his pen tonight, or he's going to be looking up at you from an omelette."

Middle Aged Man: "So these candy bars help fight terrorism?"
Dewey: "With every chocolatey, nougaty bite."

Reese: "Either we split the credit three ways, or I'm not talking."
Malcolm: "You are picking the wrong guys to mess with, Reese."
Stevie: "Yeah....let's tattle."

Francis: "Show me your mean face."

Reese: "Hmmmm, what's that? (sniffs) Ah, the stink of failure."

Stevie: "Outwitted....by a dumb ass."

Hal: "I hope you'll think about what you did every time you see me driving by on your prize!"

Francis: "Get in there, kick some ass and nurse like you have never nursed before."

Fred: "If I were you I'd hurry up and start naming the cattle."

Malcolm: "They're using our work to make a new cholestoral drug that'll earn billions. And you know what we got? A pencil case. It has a compass on it."

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