Quotes from Lois's Sister

Compiled by TK

Lois: If Susan can't accept how we live, she can just get back on her high horse and ride off to that sterlie tomb she calls a home.

Troop leader: I'm sorry, we have to go back. My ex-husband is trying to have my frozen eggs fertilized by his boyfriend.

Susan: I became the victim on my prom night when I walked into the garage and found my boyfriend having sex with my sister on the hood of my car.
Dewey: Where do I look?
Malcolm: There's nowhere to look.

Malcolm: This is torture. The car's just sitting there and no one can drive it.
Reese: Yeah, it's like that hot nun that comes around every year for toy drive.

Dewey: Everything in my life has led up to this moment.

Hal: Don't mind me, not staying, just getting an innocent child out of the line of fire. Enjoy your chat.

Malcom: Reese, you moron, I can't believe you think you're gonna get away with...
Girl: Cool car.
Malcolm: '65 Mustang.

Malcolm: You are a god, a god of a special universe where no one thinks of consequences, and where those of us constrained by intelligence and common sense are not allowed, but you have invited me, and from now on, I will follow you anywhere.

Troop leader: Oh my God, Francis, are you all right? What happened to you?
Francis: Nothing. It was great. It was my turn to be dragged!

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