Quotes from Softball

Compiled by TK

Reese: Took him long enough to find that beer.
Malcolm: Yeah, but it was so worth the wait.

Malcolm: Seeing Francis act like this is really sad. I mean, for him. For us, it's kinda funny.

Craig: Hey, Lois, you signing up for softball?
Lois: I don't need to sign up, Craig, I'm coaching the team this year.
Craig: You are?
Lois: Yes! Stu was gonna do it, but his wife got born again and ruined his Sundays.

Malcolm: As soon as I find out how she got me here, I'm outta here.

Lois: Hal, will you please talk to the boys?
Hal: Not now, Lois, I have way too much on my mind.
Lois: Like what?
Hal: I think I'm an international spy, and I don't even know which side I'm on. I could be a super-villain and not even know it.
Lois: You could just say you don't want to help me, Hal.

Francis: It's horrible, isn't it? Only the middle one's functional.

Francis: Gimme the bacon. I don't want an asterisk by my record.

Lois: Honey, if you're gonna cleat someone, you have to remember to lead with your heel.

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