Quotes from Forwards Backwards

Compiled by Petch

Dewey: "Give Reese a slice from the fuzzy side and I didn't see a thing."
Lois: "Deal."

Stevie: "You keep....your money....in a book?"
Malcolm: "Yeah. It's the one place no one in my family will ever look."

Dean: "Sir, the Middle Earthling is for clientele sophisticated enough to appreciate cinematic drawing and non-linear storytelling. And I can see by your office drone shirt that you're not a serious graphic novel collector."

Ranch Hand: "La vaca diablo !!!"

Francis: "Was he saying devil cow?"
Otto: "Ah, it iss a silly legend. Many years ago, zey say, zere vas a cow who one day tasted human flesh and vent bad. And now, vhenever ze moon is red, she comes down from her mountain lair to drink ze blood of ze innocent."
Francis: "You're talking about a cow."

Malcolm: "I just wanted to let you know you're not getting last licks."
Reese: "Huh?"
Malcolm: "I'm sick of you always having an edge just because you're an idiot, and I'm smart and understand about consequences. I can be just as vicious and short-sighted as you."

Craig: "I'm your best friend when you need someone to pick up your mail or sit on a suitcase. But when it's time for a barbecue, I have to watch from the car. I gotta tell you, Hal, this beer is tasting mighty bitter. I'll take another."

Woman Guest: "That's no rug. It's an antelope."

Reese: "If you can be vicious, I can be smart."

Hal: "Now are we going to the comic book store?"
Craig: (Yoda voice) "Patience, Luke. You are reckless."

Otto: "I have seen it, Francis! Ze devil cow!"

Francis: (grabbing shotgun) "From now on, I'm lactose intolerant."

Stevie: "They'll try you....as an adult!"

Dean: "This transaction does not concern you, Feldspar."

Craig: (after throwing coffee on a 'rare' Spiderman comic) "Fear not. It was the 1993 re-print. If it had been an original, he would've thrown himself in front of it."

Hal: "I have a life, Craig."

Malcolm: "I don't care about anything except making you suffer!"
Reese: "Well, I don't care either!"
Malcolm: "Fine! Let's see who cares the least the most!"

Lois: "I should have told the doctor to sew fur and tails on you boys, because you're animals!"

Dewey: "This new game is good, but it doesn't quite buy me off."

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