Synopsis of Reese Drives

Written by Petch

Reese has reached that magical age where he can obtain his learner's permit. Hence, he's been exceptionally well-behaved to avoid any means of punishment which might impede him from taking his written test--meaning Dewey has been having a field day with petty torments against his older brother. Much to Hal and Lois' dismay, Reese passes the exam and is eligible for driver's education from the local DMV.

Craig Feldspar phones Lois and demands that Malcolm come over and clean up the vandalization that he and Stevie supposedly wreaked against his new apartment. Despite Malcolm's protests of innocence, Lois insists that he comply, and upon his arrival Craig admits that he lied to Lois. He actually just wanted genius Malcolm's assistance with assembling his new entertainment system, and that seemed the only way to guarantee getting the boy over there. Despite this deception, Malcolm soon warms to the technical challenge, and the two even come to genuinely appreciate each other's company while installing the new satellite dish.

In Alaska, Francis' usual shennanigans have landed him the task of repairing a hole in the ceiling of the logging lodge. Rather than do the work himself, he wheels and deals with the other loggers to provide the materials and the labor, gradually becoming further and further indebted with items that he either can't produce or can't pay for when he's got them. A fellow logger's digital camera, a date with a disapproving co-worker's sister, a George Foreman cookery, new teeth for Pete....all items which Francis insists he can procure. To avoid the increasingly-agitated loggers, he eventually dons a fake mustache and claims to be Francis' French-Canadian identical cousin, a scheme which Pete actually buys.

During the first driving lesson, a frustrated Reese is confined to the back seat while his inept partner Jackie is getting the lion's share of the alotted driving time. Moreover, the instructor is a neurotic dolt who spends most of the time in the passenger seat balancing his checkbook and bitching about his bills. When Jackie lets him off at the post office to mail off some payments, Reese commandeers the vehicle and then panics after a mild fender-bender that wasn't even his fault. This sets in motion a low-speed chase with the police on the freeway--low-speed because he doesn't want a speeding citation on top of what else is coming to him. Needless to say, the local news soon picks up on the pursuit and begins broadcasting live coverage, while Jackie whines and bitches at Reese from the passenger seat.

While adjusting the antennae, meanwhile, Malcolm catches sight of Reese's freeway plight on Craig's widescreen TV and rushes home, managing to accidentally cause injury to Craig and his ever-present cat Jellybean in the process. At home, police are watching the broadcast with Hal, Lois and an enthused Dewey as the crisis unfolds. And in the car, Reese uses Jackie's cell phone to call Francis for advice. Just as he's being busted by the loggers, Francis encourages his brother to give up and face the music with class. Reese is inspired to do just that, but not before pulling off the freeway and routing the chase back to the DMV, where he aces the driving-cone obstacle course there. His parents, the cops and even Jackie are impressed with his performance, despite his being pounced upon by arresting officers moments after he exits the vehicle. And in yet another instance of the season-running gag, just in the distance as Reese is being handcuffed, we once again see the hamster ball with renegade rodent Bernard, still trucking along.

At the conclusion, the family are in their Sunday best, getting ready for Reese's court date. Craig and Jellybean are recovering, it is explained. All is essential well again....except Dewey laments that Reese isn't being tried as an adult.

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