Quotes from Reese's Job

Compiled by Petch

Lois: "Once again, I have to be embarrassed for the both of us."

Reese: "Yeah, but if everyone else has insurance, then why do I need it? They've got it covered."

Richie: "I'm proof you don't really need to graduate from high school. That's just propaganda from those money-grubbing diploma companies."

Reese: "Wouldn't it be easier to put words on the keys?"
Richie: "Ah, a man of letters. A word to the wise--I wouldn't throw that in anyone's face."

Francis: "You don't even know any women."
Pete: "That occurred to me, too. That's why I ordered one from Russia."

Herkabe: "What are you doing? Chaucer ?!? I cannot believe you're polluting his mind with such pop-culture drivel!"

Malcolm: "You know, Herkabe only made you my tutor to humiliate me."
Barton: "I thought it was to humiliate me."

Barton: "The worst was the diaper-changing. That was the most degrading week of my life."

Reese: "You get free refills on the soda."
Craig: "I've heard that one before. Turns out it's just for today."

Richie: "That's a pocket transaction if I ever saw one."

Artie: "Many's the time when I've been feeling low, and I always knew I could turn to Pete. He'd be lying there on his bunk, trimming his beard with a lighter. And I'd think, 'Hell, I'm better than that!'"

Lois: "Before we go any further, is there anything you want to tell me?"
Dewey: "I want a Beagle."
Lois: "Well, you're not going to get it, you little sneak!"
Hal: "We know that you've been switching fish on us because I put a dead one in there last night!"
Dewey: "That's cheating! You're cheaters!"

Herkabe: "People will recognize your brilliance, and they will loathe you for it. The best you can hope for is uncomprehending fear....which I can channel into great things."

Malcolm: "It's his dad. We photo-shopped your head in."

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