Quotes from Poker

Malcolm: I don't have parents rich enough to buy me a video camera.
Stevie: Rich and compensating.

Rudy: Remember, class, God created artificial hips for a reason. Let's use them!

Reese: You know what you should make your movie about? Old people. Did you know that some of them have spent their entire lives saving money only to find out they've outlived everybody they wanted to share it with? Talk about sad.

Hal: I'm not in the mood.
Lois: You're always in the mood.
Hal: Not every single night of my life.
Lois: Yes, you are.
Hal: I'm not like some kind of machine.
Lois: Yes, you are.
Hal: You can't just snap your fingers...
Lois: Yes, I can. I always have.
Hal: Oh, all right.

Dewey: You're the worst brother ever!
Reese: I know, I know!

Dewey: Have a seat. In a minute you and Mrs. Johnson do the forbidden dance.

Hal: I can't believe how beautifully you dance.
Lois: Hal, you are such a fool.

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