Quotes from Christmas

Ida: You do this to torture me? To hurt me?
Francis: You don't like Christmas music?
Ida: It sounds like the song they sang when they would run through the villages and throw the babies into the fire.
Francis: They sang Jingle Bells?
Ida: They sang something.

Malcolm: Hey, this is supposed to be to Dewey from both of us.
Reese: I picked it out.
Malcolm: I stepped in it!

Dewey: She's stealing Christmas!
Malcolm: Mom, you can't do this!
Reese: Yeah, this is the last year Dewey'll believe in Santa Claus.
Dewey: What?!

Hal: You cancelled Christmas?!
Lois: I didn't cancel Christmas, I'm holding it hostage.

Francis: Why don't you just unhinge your jaw and finish me off?
Ida: After my Magnum P.I.

Malcolm: Mom needs to know she can't take special occassions hostage. She needs to know we don't negotiate.

Malcolm: This really is the best Christmas we've ever had. I don't know why we didn't try this whole denial thing a long time ago.

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