Quotes from Book Club

Hal: It's like I've always told you boys: crazy beats big every time.

Lois: I took the batteries out of the remote and put them in the smoke detector... just for tonight.

Malcolm: We've got some fireworks buried in the backyard. We're gonna dig them up while mom's gone.
Reese: Tracy Hinds if having a party tomorrow and we're not invited. Our justice will be swift but fair.

Hal: If you try anything, anything, at all, I will be on you like a rainbow on an oil slick!

Lois: If it weren't for me my family would be naked livin' in trees and eatin' berries.

Reese: Dewey, we need you to cry.
Malcolm: But it's gotta be the right kind of crying. Not sobbing, more of a whiney sound with a penetrating quality.
Dewey: Give me a moment.

Dewey: Hey, they put salt on french-fries.

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