Quotes from Cliques

Compiled by Petch

Mr. Herkabe: "Well, your cavalier disregard for the laws of the classroom, not to mention the laws of nature, have led to the inevitable."

Dabney: "We can't do that! The whole school hates us! They'll destroy us without realizing their rage is a projection of their own insecurities!"

Lois: "Dewey, don't play 'connect the dots' with your chicken pox. You'll get an infection."
Dewey: "I'm bored!"
Lois: "I know, sweetie. It's no fun being sick."
Dewey: "I'm bored! I'm itchy! I'm bored!"
Lois: "Honey, remember we were going to use our 'not horrible' voice?"

Piama: "The whole house used to be on the reservation, but my idiot grandfather built it on a glacier. It's been moving two inches a year ever since. In a hundred years, we'll have a nice view of the lake."

Malcolm: "So it looks like everyone found a place."
Stevie: "Parasites....adapting....to a new....host body."

Goth Ronald: "'Abandon all hope.' Is that from the new Ministry album?"
Lloyd: "Actually, it's from Dante's Inferno. It's the inscription over the gates of Hell."
Goth Ronald: "That is way dark."

Hal: (viewing Dewey's domino set-up) "Wow, look at that! Is this helping taking your mind off the itching."
Dewey: "It was."

Lois: "Those dominoes are keeping Dewey from driving me crazy, and if they get knocked over, I will blame you. If a door slams shut and knocks them over, I will blame you. If there is an earthquake, I will blame you. If a condor dies in flight and crashes through our roof and knocks them over, I will blame you."
Reese: "But that's not fair--"
Lois: "I will blame you!"

Reese: "I saw that look."
Hal: "What look?"
Reese: "My look. Now I know where I got it from."

Lloyd: "They can't take away our court. That's where I second-hand smoke!"

Kevin: "That ain't no thang! The thang is two hundred years of oppression in this country!"

Malcolm: "Um, Kevin, you're supposed to wear underwear with those."

Mr. Herkabe: (about to blow ref whistle) "Don't make me blow this! Do not make me blow this! (blows whistle ineffectually) Who removed my whistle-pea? That is a detentionable offense!"

Imaginary Lois: "It's awfully tempting, isn't it, Hal? Go ahead. I'll blame it on Reese. You'll get off scot-free."

Imaginary Teacher: "All right, pencils down! Turn in your geometry tests!"
Hal: "....but I didn't study!"

Reese: "Turn around, old man. There's nothing for you here."

Francis: "Believe me, if I had anything in my heritage besides crappy mini-vans and non-stop screaming, I'd share it with you."

Dabney: "It's too late for second thoughts. The tribes have Balkanized. (explains to the jocks) They don't like each other. We don't stop until we have total control."

Kevin: (to Malcolm, after getting pantsed) "Thanks for the heads-up on the underwear."

Mr. Herkabe: "What is with the self-pity? Albert Einstein had to carry his pair of pants until he was twenty-four, and did he cry about it? No! He drew on that experience and helped build the first nuclear bomb. Now buck up and get in the van."

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