Synopsis of Lois's Birthday

Written by Daniel

"We shoveled your walkway" and so Reese makes us question again whether he will grow up to be a great mobster or a great president. According to Malcolm, "There is a lot of good things about the weekends, no school, cartoons; but the best thing about weekends is having a neighbor like Mrs. Jenson." Money and the candy for free, what else could a 12 year old want. Maybe Jessica, but real Canadian girlfriends are hard to come by.

Lois is feeling under appreciated. She gives the boys ten dollars each and hints strongly that she wants a $25 foot massager. This surprises them since they usually just make her presents, like a potato bank. What Lois gets is a eyeglass repair kit, throat lozenges and a dirt bike magazine. The boys get twenty dollars of candy. It doesn't help that when Hal gets home he accidentally yells, "I forgot your mom's birthday!"

If you saw Halloween Approximately you know Francis is home. He still manages to carry his own interleaving story line. The first scene shows him hitting on a rapt school girl. "You really haven't seen America until you've seen the small towns, met the people, strayed away to my friend Richie's Keg party." But we soon learn from Amaani, that the rapt one speaks no English. Amaani is an "African Goddess" that the general has sent off to America to keep her out of trouble, we learn this as Francis nervously walks her home. When he tells her that his house is real and not like all those plastic national monuments she tells him, "You can relax already. I got off the bus" then she promptly jumps him.

They don't get very far as things are erupting in the house. Hal tries to steal Craig's present, then Lois walks past them both and heads for the car, throwing Francis and Amaani out.

"We made our own mom run away" such is Malcolm's realization that they hurt Lois. Reese begins making a list of new women for Hal to date, his criteria are straightforward, "She can cook, and her daughters are nymphos."

The featured music this week hits the spot, Tracy Bonham's "Behind every good woman [is a trail of men.]" plays as Lois hits her anger away at the batting cage. This is where Francis finds her. When they all get there they know they've gotta be at their best. They have a clown and Timmy's cake in no time. Lois lambastes them for not realizing she needed a little help coping. In an otherwise ho-hum episode the writers deliver a real gem here in Hal's monologue response, "Oh geez Honey, that's never gonna happen, we're not smart enough. . . The only thing we are ever going to be able to offer you is our total obedience."

Then the real fun begins, the clown fight! Ok sure it doesn't carry forward the plot, but it does develop the characters. Which is what we really care about in Malcolm in the Middle.

And we get to see Dewey bite a clown.

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