Synopsis of The Grandparents

Written by Daniel

Hal doesn't like clothing very much, and he's quite a bear. But the children have adjusted. This week's intro shows the boys eating pancakes, the only odd thing is the plate in middle of the table, it holds a pile of hair that they are pulling out of their mouths. Hacking up, in Dewey's case. When Hal offers seconds only Dewey bites, he doesn't seem to buy into that 'causal' world view.

This is a show of flashbacks. It begins when the fridge breaks and Hal ask how a five year old fridge could possibly break down so often. Flashback: Reese shoots hockey puck into fridge causing sparks. Malcolm swings on freezer door, bringing fridge crashing down on it's face. Dewey nails picture to refrigerator door. Lois' parents show up unannounced. They seem to be of from some lost Eastern European country. Their language sounded Russian, but I'm not quite sure. They're Canadian.

"Look at those animals going berserk, tearing each other's clothes off, those are people with no respect for authority." Francis heads to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. But the truck stop sushi he eats on the way does not agree with him.

"That's what happens to little boys that squirm." Flashback: Dewey as baby being dropped on floor by grandparents. Dewey is frightened. Malcolm is mostly just annoyed, see Ida and Victor love Reese, and only Reese. They're backing a winner. As Reese sees it, he'd be the only non-mutant to live, once it's down to the cockroaches and the left-overs of humanity living underwater. Malcolm definitely wouldn't be there, at one point Ida throws a rock at a bunch of bully's and holds him in place to take the beating. Francis is more at peace with them, the worst he calls his grandfather is a "malevolent poisonous troll."

Hal & Lois have some reason to like them, Victor offers to buy them a new fridge. Of course, he retracts this after they have spent the money. This leads to them to ask grandparents to stay longer, as babysitters. Apparently in their early 40's they haven't yet realized deals with the devil are dangerous. Or, maybe, they're just looking forward to the makeup sex. Flashback: Dewey on tricycle in driveway when Victor starts backing up. Victor ignores tricycle bell. Dewey runs away, tricycle goes on a trip attached to the muffler. No wonder the boy doesn't think the world makes sense.

Francis' friends won't bring him to a doctor, but they do bring him high quality beads. They even give him a rousing pep-talk about him being their leader. This doesn't prevent him from throwing up on the first girl he sees. Still, he doesn't blame his mother.

"Mom do you like your parents?" In fact Malcolm's mother wishes them dead, everyone has their way of dealing with them. Lois, keeps them in a different country, Malcolm yells at his grandmother about his future success, and Hal blackmails them. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, Victor gives Reese a live grenade. Then, Reese pulls the pin. After that, Victor breaks the pin. Malcolm tries to call the police, but Victor doesn't think this is a good idea. All that's left to do is drop the grenade, throw it in the fridge, and RUN!

Lois has a hard time dealing with this. She never expected anyone to break the no live ammo in house rule with a bomb. Or, just not a professionally manufactured one. This does give Hal a chance to shine. He sits them down, ask for three thousand dollars. Not a loan, plain and simple extortion. And so we can expect donut and half-cylinder ice cubes in future episodes, and a very happy Dewey.

Not to forget Francis, Mardi Gras is over, and he's been inside the whole time. He refuses to leave until he "gets some action." The cleaning lady, very reminiscent of your high school lunch lady, obliges him with a flash, and now, he is free to leave.

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