Synopsis of Old Mrs. Old

Written by TK

When Dewey destroys yet another backpack and starts carrying a purse to school, Reese is scared that other bullies are going to beat up his baby brother. Reese forcefully tries to get Dewey to stop carrying a purse, but is unsuccessful. Reese is please to see that Dewey is able to use the purse, with a brick in it, to take care of himself when he is attacked by a group of bullies.

Francis's loser friend Richie is sent to join him at military school, and Commandant Spangler not only lets the loser get away with murder, he treats him to massages and nice dinners. Spangler lets Francis know that he's doing this to Richie on purpose so that the other cadets will beat him up, and Francis debates telling his friend about the plot. Francis finally lets Richie in on it, and is strangely please when Richie doesn't believe him. Francis feels good that he at least warned his friend when, shortly thereafter, Richie gets the snot beat out of him by the other cadets.

Malcolm chases a ball into old Mrs. Griffin's yard, and in trying to get away from the irate old lady he pushes her to the ground and she breaks her arm. Lois sentences Malcolm to go over to Mrs. Griffin's house every day after school and help the woman with chores until her arm heals. As Malcolm is suffering through massaging the old woman's feet, she combines pain killers with copious amounts of wine and passes out. Malcolm's Krelboyne friends come over and they take Mrs. Griffin's car out for a joy ride. When Lois busts Malcolm, Mrs. Griffin covers for him, but then blackmails him into coming over to help her out before school every day as well as after.

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