Quotes from Robbery

Malcolm: This is my favorite part of the day, the twilight time between school ending and when you're parents get home, the time when kids rule the earth.

Reese: Dad, it's junk.
Hal: Reese, with a little work and some new hardware, one man's junk is another man's anniversary present.

Finley: I don't know what I'm gonna do. She was my light, my life and my world.
Francis: She put out, huh?
Finley: Like crazy.

Hal: Well, that's just crazy. Why would someone fill this with hundreds of hanging black bow-ties?

Hal: Just think of them this way, they're only rats with wings... and radar. Just flying rats with radar.

Hal: So, Dewey, how was school today?
Dewey: Lucky Duffy pushed me down.
Hal: Did you push him back?
Dewey: No, he's bigger than me.
Hal: Uh huh. Reese?
Reese: I'm on it.

Dewey: Why me?
Hal: Because you have the shortest hair. You see, if he lands on your head he'll just bite once and fly away, but if he lands on your brothers' or my head he'll get caught in our hair and bite us and bite us until we are dead. You understand that?
Dewey: Yes.

Hal: All right, somebody get the dust pan.

Lois: Craig, are you all right?
Craig: I don't know. I heard something rip, and if it wasn't my pants it was inside of me.

Hal: How was your night?
Lois: Good. Yours?
Hal: Fine.
Lois: Why is there an armoire in the living room?
Hal: Happy anniversary.

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