Quotes from Lois's Birthday

Francis: You really haven't seen America until you've seen the small towns, met the people, strayed away to my friend Richie's keg party.

Amaani: You're wasting your time, she doesn't speak English.
Francis: Oh.
Amaani: Which is just as well, because if she understood the crap you were feeding her, she'd laugh in your face. I, on the other hand, find your desperation charming.
Francis: Really? Well, there's plenty more where that came from.

Malcolm: I think she might be upset about something. Maybe I should go ask if... hmm, skinny Fonzie.

Amaani: You can relax already, I got off the bus.

Reese: This isn't fair. Mom never should have taken us to a store that sells candy. She set us up!
Malcolm: Shut up, Reese. We blew it. We made our own mom run away from home.

Lois: I got news for you kid, I'm a grown up with a credit card and no curfew. I can stay here all week if I want.

Amaani: In Mozambique talking about your mother this much is not considered a turn on.

Reese: She can cook, and her daughters are nymphos.

Lois: What are you doing, Hal?
Hal: Well, what's it look like? We're celebrating your birthday as a family. Who are you?

Francis: I gotta go.
Amaani: I know.
Francis: You'll be here waiting for me when I'm done?
Amaani: No.

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