Quotes from Flashback

Hal: All right, who did what now?
Lois: You did. I'm two weeks late.

Lois: You think we're gonna be good parents?
Hal: You kidding? The best.
Lois: You think it's gonna change our relationship?

Hal: All I'm saying is that you were the one who wore those jeans with that rip above the knee.
Lois: Hal, if I got rid of everything that made you hot and bothered, I'd be running around with a handkerchief and a baseball cap. Stop it!

Doctor: My God, he kicked me in the nose!

Hal: He's absorbing information. Studies show that developing young minds absorb information at a phenomenal rate.
Lois: Hal, he's two years old, he calls you "phone." I don't know who you think this is helping, but it's not Reese.

Lois: Francis, please, mommy has to go to the hospital.
Francis: Say you're sorry.
Lois: Open the door!
Francis: Say you're poopy.
Lois: I will not say I'm poopy, open that door!

Lois: They caught you on a street cleaner? What were you thinking?
Francis: That it went faster.

Lois: Okay, here's what we're gonna do. You're gonna tell me three, no five, no seven! I want you to tell me seven things you love about me, seven reasons why this is all worthwhile, seven reasons why we're still here.
Hal: Seven?
Lois: Seven. And I have to believe every one of them and you have to say them all right now.
Hal: Seven?!
Lois: Oh, just please, Hal, just do it....
Hal: Oh, okay, okay, okay.... I... I... I love how your neck smells in the morning.
Lois: Okay, that's one.
Hal: I... I love how every one of your toes looks like it came from another person's foot.
Lois: Oh, oh...
Hal: And, and, and, I love how... how you're honest and... and fearless and... and how when I'm sick you treat me like a baby.
Lois: Okay, that last one counts for two. You've got three more to go. I can tell you that I just adore the... the way your forehead gets all crinkly when you're worried.
Hal: And I love the way you cut your crusts off your toast even though you end up eating both anyway.
Lois: I love your loyalty and your kindness and that you still suck in your gut whenever I walk into the room.
Hal: I love how you didn't dump me when you found out that I was in love with you.
Lois: I love that you still married me even after you met my parents!
Hal: And I love that nothing in my life, not cribbage with my dad, not a new Van Halen album, not even an old Van Halen album for that matter, or any of their solo albums...
Lois: Hal. Hal!
Hal: I love that nothing in my life is complete until I've shared it with you.

Hal: I love how you send the boys to their room just so we can have some alone time.
Lois: I just love you.

Lois: A girl would have been nice though.
Hal: Are you kidding? We've got you out-numbered five to one now and we're still losing.

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