Quotes from Carnival

Malcolm: When your TV privileges are taken away, you have to do something for entertainment. This is totally a trade-up.

Malcolm: Double-alibi.
Reese: It's a classic for a reason.

Lois: Daddy will just kill me if he catches me with one of the field-hands....

Lois: Hal, get my bra.

Malcolm: This is like the beginning of every horror movie I've ever seen.
Reese: I think we should all split up.

Reese: Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, puppies, ice-cream, fat people falling down...

Malcolm: Oh, man, he's got Stevie. We gotta do something!
Reese: Why? Maybe it's his time. Who are we to play God?

Stevie: You caught a kid in a wheelchair. Kudos.

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