Quotes from Halloween Approximately

Malcolm: When was the last Christmas we had egg-nog?
Reese: I think before Dewey.

Malcolm: This is a game that has no winners.

Lois: He's battling his archenemy.
Francis: What, the squirrel's back?
Lois: No, it's a human this time.

Francis: Halloween is in your hearts. Every time a little kid cries in fear, that's Halloween. Every time something repulsive ends up in a mailbox, that is Halloween. As long as you carry the spirit of destruction and vandalism in your hearts, every day is Halloween.

Malcolm: Reese, are you crying?
Reese: No.

Lois: It was a good bump, Hal.

Hal: I'd be Raul. You'd be Consuela.
Lois: Consuela?
Hal: Si.
Lois: You think they'd send the federales after us?
Hal: Of course, but they'd never find us.
Lois: We'd be outlaws.
Hal: Oh, we'd be legends. We'd be living every parents dream. We'd be folk heroes.
Lois: Like Bonnie and Clyde.
Hal: Raoul and Consuela! Spearing fish, clmbing for coconuts, living naked as monkeys!
Lois: Oh, Raoul.

Reese: We own you all! No one is safe! We are the kinds of this block! Did you hear me, world? Violence just got a little more random! Krelboyne: This is for all the times I've been called butt-tweefer!

Francis: Well, they won't even let us surrender honorably. Boys, it's time to run away like cowards.

Hal: What was my name again?
Lois: Raoul, baby.

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