Quotes from Reese Cooks

Hal: Hey, what you doing there, son?
Malcolm: I have to prove Keppler's third law of planetary motion.
Hal: What's Dewey doing?
Malcolm: He's coloring.
Hal: Oh, better get in there.

Hal: Lois, that boy needs a father figure, and I really think it should be me.

Hal: The art of cooking is as masculine as any of these other courses: Judo, riflery, kick-boxing. Anyone can fight, but it takes a special man to craft a truly great bolognese sauce.

Stevie: I hope my wheelchair fits in the make-out closet.

Cooking teacher: And you say you've never cooked anything before?
Reese: Intentionally? No.

Cynthia: How'd you learn to deal with the whole school making fun of you?
Malcolm: The same way I deal with everything, I pretend it doesn't bother me and then lash out at people who don't deserve it. It seems to work.

Cynthia: Well, that sounds like fun, but I think I'm gonna leave it unpierced for awhile.

Hal: He has no more sense of right and wrong than a tree-frog.

Lois: We have a weapon. His actions will have consequences.
Hal: I know. We can hurt him. We can be parents again!

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