Quotes from The Grandparents

Malcolm: Mom, who's tongue is longer?

Eric: Look at those animals going berserk, tearing each other's clothes off, those are people with no respect for authority.
Francis: Eric is right. That could be us!

Ida: That's it, fatten up on pizza. Good luck running when they come with the dogs and chase you into the hell.

Lois: Since you were last here, Malcolm has been put into a special class.
Victor: (disappointed) I'm not surprised.

Francis: (on phone) That's grandpa, isn't it? Tell him I said he's a malevolent poisonous troll.
Malcolm: Francis says hi.
Victor: No good delinquent.
Malcolm: He says hi back.

Hal: We need the fridge, we can't store the meat on the porch forever.

Reese: If the future is half as bad as grandpa and I suspect, the only survivors are gonna be mutants, cockroaches and me. -- All living under water.

Malcolm: Mom do you -- do you like your parents?
Lois: It doesn't matter how I feel about them. It's not like I can trade them in for someone else. You can't pick your parents. You're pretty much stuck with who you get.
Malcolm: I know.

Lois: At least I can be grateful that soon they'll be gone.
Malcolm: Back to their own home.
Lois: Yeah -- that's what I meant.

Lois: That is a rectal thermometer.
Hal: I'm gonna go brush my teeth.

Malcolm: Grandma, I don't want to hit you!

Hal: So this money I'm asking for, it's not a loan, it's blackmail.
Ida: He's like your brother Vaslev all over again.

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