Quotes from New Neighbors

Cadet 1: Sir, isn't he a convicted felon?
Spangler: That conviction was overturned.
Cadet 2: So was mine, but I'm still stuck here.

Tina: Do you have a good doctor?
Lois: Why, is something wrong?
Tina: Well, neck pain... or back pain. Whatever will get him to write the prescription.
Lois: No, I'm sorry, my doctor's honest.
Tina: Too bad. I'll let you know if I find one.

Dewey: Their gnome wants to eat me. It's evil.
Lois: They're all evil, sweetie.

Reese: I'm completely defenseless!
Malcolm: Reese, she's four. You're bigger and smarter than... well, you're bigger.

Francis to Spangler: Let's get you dressed... and attached.

Spangler: I'm a worm. Cadet, I'm a worm. I belong on the floor with the other worms.

Reese: If there's one thing I've learned, it's you can't clear your own name, you can only ruin someone else's.

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