Quotes from Old Mrs. Old

Malcolm: It's amazing. Reese can't pass math, but he's invented over, like, fifty games. Fun games.

Lois: You broke her arm?
Malcolm: I was getting a ball.
Lois: You broke her arm for a ball?
Malcolm: No, I already had the ball, then I pushed her away.
Lois: You pushed her and broke her arm for a ball!

Malcolm: Maybe she won't be that bad. Maybe she'll be like a grandma... well, not like my grandma. Like a nice grandma.

Malcolm: God, she's like a homeless person, and this house is her shopping cart.

Reese: Kids like me are dreaming about something like this. We look around the playground, we see normal kid, normal kid, and a kid with a purse. Who do you think's gonna get creamed.
Dewey: Is one of the normal kids fat?
Reese: It doesn't matter! He's gonna be fat every day, but the kid with the purse, he might not wear it again.

Hal: One boy's purse is another boy's book bag... if he's European. Besides, I can't tell you how many times I've been jealous of your mother and her purse. You know, we men have to shove our whole lives in a little square of leather, that we then have to sit on!

Lloyd: It can't be over. Come on, think. With our brains and your gift for reckless anti-social behavior, there's gotta be something else we can do.

Malcolm: Think, think! I'm a genius. I can think of something. Why can't I think of something?

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