Season 2, Episode 20: Bowling

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Aired: Sunday, April 1, 2001

Rating: 7.4/12

Full synopsis

Written by Alex Reid
Directed by Todd Holland

Guest starring
Alex McKenna as Beth
Peter Breitmayer as guy
David Bonfadini as teenage kid
Curtis Andersen as delivery guy
Garret Davis as guy #2

This episode received three Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Multi-Camera Sound Mixing for a Series or a Special and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

This episode received a Writers Guild of American award nomination.

Matt Roush, in the June 23rd issue of TV Guide, writes about moments to remember of the past season, including one from Malcolm in the Middle. "Among many peaks, I especially liked the episode that imagined two different (but equally funny) scenarios depending on who took the boys bowling: clueless Hal or Commandant Lois."

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