Quotes from Krelboyne Picnic

Malcolm: "Leave the squirrel alone and get the fire extinguisher!"

Hal: "You better be naked when I get back."
Lois: "Done."

Lois: "Oh, poor baby."
Malcolm: "Yeah, I'm sick."
Loi: "No, you're grounded. For pouring perfectly good vegetable soup in the toilet. And you owe me 49 cents."

Malcolm: "And don't expect any meat either, because they all voted not serve anything that ever had a mother."
Dewey: "Cousin Nancy doesn't have a mother."
Lois: "That's right. She has two daddies."
Reese: "Oh man, two guys as parents? That house has gotta be a dude's paradise."

Hal to Dewey grabbing his leg: "A little lower son."

Reese: "I gonna kick so much Krelboyne ass today, it's not even funny."

Reese: "And the circle of life goes on."
Eraserhead "Kafka-esque, isn't it?"
Reese: "Huh?"
Eraserhead: "Nevermind. Kick his butt, Alfonse."

Dorene: "So, I understand that Malcolm has quite a vocabulary."
Lois: "Yeah, he's such yap yap yap yap all day long."
Dorene: "Well, that's not the vocabulary I meant. It seems that he's taught several of the children the R word."
Lois: "The R word?"
Dorene: "I'm sure it's just something he picked up off the street, certainly not at home."
Lois: "Yeah, well R you, lady."

Krelboyne kid: "My soy-burger. It's bleeding!"

Malcolm: "Okay, the difference between a stink-bomb and a level 3 toxic bio-hazard is apparently two extra drops of sulpher tetra-oxide. I'm totally suing that web site."

Caroline: "My parents were right, I never should have left the cannery."

Hal: "I see you made a friend."
Lois: 'Yeah, tomorrow we're going shopping for shoes."

Malcolm: "Can I ask you a qeustion?"
Francis: "Yes, all women suck."

Malcolm: "Was it as bad as I think it was?"
Stevie: "Man, you killed."
Malcolm: "That's what I was afraid of."

Dewey: "Is Malcolm a robot?"
Hal: "No, son, he's just smart. Very very very very very very smart."

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