Quotes from Francis Escapes

Hal: "Hey, they want to know what I think about caller-ID blocking. Do I think about that?"

Lois: "You two are banned from Nintendo."
Malcolm: "Okay."
Reese: "We're already banned from Nintendo."
Malcolm: "The sad thing is, he thinks he just outsmarted her."

Malcolm: "The worst part is, I think I'm stealing pantyliners."

Dewey: "Will this make me taste better to the mosters?"
Hal: "Sure it will, son."

Lois: "Fate is just what you call it when don't know the name of the person screwing you over."

Francis: "I wanted so much to be perfect for you, but I couldn't find any soap."

Francis: "If you're gonna love women, you have to expect the occasional flaming wipe-out. It's in the fine print but you agree to it when you sign up."

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