Quotes from Home Alone 4

"I did the math once. It turns out every 17.4 dinners, my family actually has a pleasant meal together." -Malcolm

"What do you think you're doing?" -Lois
"I'm being cute and spontaneous?" -Hal

"Dear, Penthouse..." -Stevie
"Yesterday, I pushed my friend Stevie down some stairs." -Malcolm
"Point taken." -Stevie

"What are we gonna do?" -Reese
"We're gonna be good, that's what." -Malcolm
"How do we be good?" -Dewey
"I don't know. Honestly, it's never come up before." -Malcolm

"The only thing worse than no TV, is golf... on TV." -Malcolm

"Did you see Circus break that cinder block with his head? That's a good lesson for you guys. It didn't break the first six times, but did he quit trying? No sir." -Francis

"Put his face back on!" -Dewey

"Oh, great, a one-way street! How does that work if I'm going backwards?" -Francis
"Mom, 62,437, kids, 0." -Malcolm

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