Quotes from Water Park

Malcolm: "Dad got us free tickets to the water slide park from work. It takes two days to prep him, but it's worth it."

Francis: "I think you'll find I play pool with my whole ass."

Spangler: "Once again I waltz with Lady Victory. And until you focus, Francis, she is never going to be your dance partner."

Mrs. White: "You're eating my buttons."
Dewey: "I wasn't eating, I was saving."
Mrs. White: "What are you, a hamster?"

Malcolm: "Mom, you have to stop Reese, he's being a total jerk!"
Lois: "Malcolm, does it look like I'm open for business?"

Reese: "That is the bravest thing I've ever seen you do."
Malcolm: "Yeah."
Reese: "You're gonna die."
Malcolm: "I know."

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