Quotes from Funeral

Malcolm: "Before you say anything, just remember we're best friends, so that wheelchair isn't going to stop me from kicking your ass."
Stevie: "Bring it on, Homeo."

Lois: "What do you mean, 'What happens when you die?' You're just dead. That's it."

Malcolm: "Now my brain is filled with mom-guilt."

Malcolm: "This stinks! Whether it's a wedding, a funeral, or a court-date, these family gatherings are always the same. I can't wait 'til I get zits. At least then I can fight back."

Lois: "We're on our way to Aunt Helen's funeral."
Francis: "Aunt Helen died?"
Lois: "Well, I sure hope so, we're going to her funeral."

Julie: "I just wanted to be nice! People told me not to come to your house, but I thought they were just being silly!"

Hal: "You were gonna make Aunt Helen spend eternity with a crushed Mighty Man?"

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