Quotes from Stock Car Races

Lois: "You are not a weirdo, you are gifted. And if gifted kids are supposed to square-dance, then you'll do it. Probably teaches you geometry."

Francis: "Yes, sir! I'll try to be more like a Jack Russell Terrier, sir!"

Reese: "Hookers?"
Malcolm: "If it gets me out of square-dancing, fine."

Reese: "Do we at least get to see any flaming wrecks?"
Hal: "Reese, it's not about that. See, it's about strategy and technique. It's about the melding of man and machine. The wrecks are just sort of a bonus."

Caroline: "At least you have your home and your family. All I come home to every night are three howling cats and Bob."
Lois: "Who's Bob?"
Caroline: "My shower-head."

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