Season 1, Episode 2: Red Dress

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Aired: Sunday, January 16, 2000

Episode: 1.04

Rating: 12.5


Written by Alan J. Higgins
Directed by Arlene Sanford

Guest starring
Karim Prince as Stanley
David Higgins as Craig
Paul Willson as Ed
Joel McCrary as attendant
Adam Hendershott as cadet #2
Robert Cesario as maitre'd
Daniel R. Escobar as Franklin
Drew Powell as cadet #1


"Either she's losing her touch or we're getting better." -Malcolm

"This time let's go olive, onion, olive." -Dad

"Why does she have to ruin everything I love!?" -Dewey

"After an hour, eat without her. If it's any longer, something's wronger." -Dad

"Hey, what am I thinking right now?" -Reese
"I'm smart, I'm not a psychic." -Malcolm
"Can you understand what dogs are saying?" -Dewey
"No." -Malcolm
"I can." -Dewey

"Thank you for making eye contact with me." -men's room attendant to Hal

"Not good, not good. Mom, phone!" -Malcolm
"We're gonna die!" -Dewey

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